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"Age of Dynasties: Medieval War" is the first chapter of this serie and take place in a fictional medieval europe.

Platforms & Download

The game is available for iOS (Apple Store), Android (Play Store, Huawei AppGallery, Amazon AppStore) and Windows 10 (Microsoft Store).

You can download the game here:


Reign your medieval kingdom with strategy, build mighty strongholds, engage in epic battle simulator, defeat enemies civilizations and expand your kingdom to a glorious empire.

Be the King: build your empire, besieges strongholds, engage in political intrigue, defeat enemies civilizations in epic wars unleashing your armies and lead your dynasty to glory.

Rewrite the history of the Middle Ages while, turn after turn, sitting on the throne of the kingdom you will have to play the role of a King or Queen while making strategic decisions regarding: royal weddings, alliances, wars and crusades, great battles, colonization of new territory, political intrigues.

Your grace, brace yourself for an age of total wars during medieval time, command crusades versus empires that will refuse to be your vassal or will attack your throne kingdom.

Experience the king's glory in the Middle Ages in this epic turn based strategy RPG game. Strategically choose the heirs to the throne to rise your dynasty and have a grand and prosperous empire.


  • KING SIMULATOR: sit on the throne, be the King of your medieval kingdom in this offline strategy game!
  • STRATEGY GAME OFFLINE: single player empire simulation with hundreds of epic events in medieval europe since 476 AD to 1492 AD, from crusader kings to dark ages. Plan the Europe colonization with tactics in this free and offline game.
  • MEDIEVAL RPG: like Arthur the conqueror King of Avalon, summon the lords and knights around your throne. Choose the best tactics and strategies to conquer other civilizations by listening to your generals, diplomats, spies and ambassadors.
  • EMPIRE SIMULATION: build your own stronghold where to grow your dynasty, forge swords, alliances and rise the grand empire in a medieval europe managing at best your cities. Choose buildings in your cities and make them thrive, from small villages to majestic medieval towns.
  • MEDIEVAL STRATEGY TBS: plan the world domination on your king's throne while each game turn you do the best for your civilization and  dynasty, use heirs with strategy in the middle ages.
  • TOTAL WAR: conquest the Middle Ages and wage war across Europe or the world! Face enemy reigns in great wars! Command epic battles in an engaging battle simulator by applying military strategies.
  • FAMILY DYNASTY: total control over your heirs, choose appearance, traits and talents of kings and queens of your dynasty
  • WORLD CONQUEST: become a great conqueror, choose the best strategy to conquer other reigns leading your armies in wars or forging legendary alliances, be an invincible defender of your stronghold.
  • INNOVATIVE GAME OF KINGS. Age of Dynasties has merged four best gameplay: civilizations wars and conquest games, turn based strategy (CIV, 4x, TBS), king simulator (RPG) and empire building games.

Historical period and game goal

Wallpaper game acts.jpg

The goal of the game is to make your dynasty survive throughout the Middle Ages starting from the year 476 AD until 1492 AD.

To be able to make your dynasty survive it is necessary to make the right decisions by avoiding that one of the 16 indicators of the kingdom reaches a negative value. When this happens the ruler is deposed and, if you have enough dynastic points (100) the game can continue by electing a new ruler otherwise the game ends.


List of chapters into which this historical period is divided.

Chapter Title Description Year Start Year End Duration (years) Kingdom Indicators needed
1 The family castle Work in progress for the family castle 480 485 5 Stone, The Serfs
2 Celebrations The majestic family castle is ready for occupation. 485 - - -
3 Rise to Power You are engaged on many fronts to increase family power. 521 601 80 The Nobility, The Vassal States
4 Conspiracy Your enemies plot to depose you from the throne 541 - - -
5 Hundred Years War The Hundred Years War has begun! 570 670 100 Iron, The Army
6 Right Punishment The enemies of the crown have been eliminated or captured, the kingdom is safe! 671 - - -
7 Dark Ages A dark period begins, the damage caused by the Hundred Years War seems irremediable 701 751 50 Food, Science, Culture
8 Awakening The kingdom has finally recovered, the dark ages are over. 851 - - -
9 Overseas Marauders We are being attacked and raided by overseas marauders. 901 951 50 Infrastructure, Trade, Barbarians
10 Marauders' Retreat Overseas marauders have been defeated. 951 - - -
11 Excommunication The excommunication of the Church is swaying the opinion of the people and the nobility against you. 970 1060 90 Gold, People, The Church
12 Redemption The Church has withdrawn excommunication against your family. 1063 - - -
13 Golden Age Your kingdom has entered a period rich in investments, discoveries and innovations. 1101 1271 170 Food, Gold, Science, Culture, Infrastructure, Trade
14 Family Monument You are expected to celebrate the magnificence of your kingdom. 1271 - - -
15 Enemy Kingdoms The enemy kingdoms have joined forces and declared war on you. 1300 1471 170 Stone, Iron, The Army, The Vassals, Factions, Barbarians
16 Birth of an empire The war against the enemy kingdoms is won! Today you will be consecrated emperor. 1471 - - -

Game Acts

List of game acts with duration and objectives.


Act I
Act 1 map.jpg
  • Start Year: 483 AD
  • End year: 575 AD
  • Duration: 92 years (368 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 1
Act II
Act 2 map.jpg
  • Start Year: 580 AD
  • End year: 715 AD
  • Duration: 135 years (280 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 2

Act 3 map.jpg

  • Start Year: 720 AD
  • End year: 915 AD
  • Duration: 195 years (780 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 3
Act IV
Act 4 map.jpg

  • Start Year: 920 AD
  • End year: 1175 AD
  • Duration: 255 years (1020 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 4
Act V
Act 5 map.jpg
  • Start Year: 1180 AD
  • End year: 1485 AD
  • Duration: 305 years (1220 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 5

Act VI
Act 6 map.jpg

  • Start Year: 1490 AD
  • End year: 1496 AD
  • Duration: 6 years (20 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 0


List of factions you will face in this Age of Dynasties chapter.

Name Political agenda Difficulty Begin Act End Act
Kingdom of Luskela Isolationist low 1 2
Theutan Empire Expansionist high 1 3
Kingdom of Froijan Well-balanced low 1 2
Kingdom of Utha Well-balanced low 1 2
Steid Empire Expansionist normal 1 3
Kingdom of Eskon Isolationist low 2 3
Kingdom of Goglein Isolationist normal 2 3
Zapruarus Empire Expansionist high 2 4
Avaron Empire Isolationist high 2 6
Westorys Empire Expansionist high 2 6
Kingdom of Rasneu Well-balanced normal 2 5
Kingdom of Morakin Expansionist high 4 5
Kingdom of Astrea Well-balanced normal 4 5
Kingdom of Glington Well-balanced high 5 6
Kingdom of Oclon Isolationist high 5 6
Kingdom of Orgrya Expansionist high 5 6
Ekren Empire Expansionist high 5 6

City Buildings

List of buildings it is possible to build in city properties in this historical era.

Name Artwork Description
Building 1.jpg
A common type of house in which the majority of the city's urban population live.
Building 2.jpg
A building to store grain and from which to exchange the surplus for gold.
Building 3.jpg
Iron ore is extracted from the mine, which increase the availability of iron in your empire.
Building 4.jpg
The quarry increases the availability of stone in your empire.
Building 5.jpg
The barracks is the army training centre.
Building tavern.jpg
A medieval tavern is a meeting place for eating, drinking, and playing games.
Building Well.jpg
Circular wells of various sizes are used to extract water from the subsoil.
Blacksmith's workshop
Building Blacksmith's workshop.jpg
The blacksmith's workshop is where weapons, tools for agriculture, and items for domestic use are forged.
Agricultural land
Building agricultural land.jpg
An area of land, open or fenced, for the cultivation of food.
Building stable.jpg
A building dedicated to the feeding of horses and other animals.
Apothecary's shop
Building Apothecary's shop.jpg
A place for research into the use of herbs and spices to fight disease.
Building bastion.jpg
A defensive tower in the wall to protect the city.
Building warehouse.jpg
A large building in which resources are stored.
Building Church.jpg
A place of worship for prayer and the confession of sins.
Building Port.jpg
The port is essential for opening up new trade routes and improving the economic performance of the city.
Building Cathedral.jpg
A spectacular building in which to celebrate important political and religious events.
Building Castle.jpg
An imposing defensive structure to protect subjects and discourage enemies from attacking.
Building workshop.jpg
A craft workshop to contribute to trade.
Medieval Tournament
Building Medieval Tournament.jpg
A large plot of land for holding majestic medieval jousting events.
Building Drawbridge.jpg
A moat with a drawbridge to protect the city and its people from enemy attacks.

Military Units

List of military units that are available in this historical era.

Name Artwork Description
A heavy unit composed of militiamen trained in close combat. They wear helmets and metal armour and carry swords and shields.
A heavy unit made up of armoured swordsmen who are formidable in a skirmish. They wear full body metal armour and carry shields and swords.
A ranged unit made up of archers capable of inflicting a moderate amount of damage from a distance. Armed with longbows, fast, no armour.
A ranged unit made up of crossbowmen capable of inflicting a lot of damage at medium range. They wear leather armour and helmets.
A light infantry unit made up of militiamen trained to repel enemy attacks. They wear helmets, leather armour, and carry spears.
A light infantry unit made up of pikemen who are formidable in repelling enemy attacks. They wear helmets, leather armour and carry pikes.
A light cavalry unit composed of skirmishers on horseback deployed to harass the enemy. They wear helmets, leather armour, and carry short bows and swords.
A light cavalry unit made up of formidable knights who charge the enemy. They wear helmets, full body metal armour, and carry swords and shields.
Engineers with ballistas
Engineers with ballistas.jpg
An artillery unit composed of ballistas operated by engineers. Very effective against slow moving, heavy units.
Engineers with trebuchets
Engineers with trebuchets.jpg
An artillery unit made up of trebuchets operated by engineers. Great for breaking down a city's defences or bombarding slow-moving troops.