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"Age of Dynasties: Pharaoh" is the third chapter of this serie and take place during ancient egypt kingdom.

Platforms & Download

The game is available for iOS (Apple Store), Android (Play Store) and Windows 10 (Microsoft Store).

You can download and play the game here:

Historical period and game goal

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The goal of the game is to make your dynasty survive throughout the ancient egypt starting from the year 2300 BC until 1300 BC.

To be able to make your dynasty survive it is necessary to make the right decisions by avoiding that one of the 16 indicators of the kingdom reaches a negative value. When this happens the ruler is deposed and, if you have enough dynastic points (100) the game can continue by electing a new ruler otherwise the game ends.


Lead Egyptian civilization with your dynasty, wear the two crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt, build your empire and become Pharaoh. Find the right strategy to succesfully dominate other civilizations in the times of the great pyramids.

This pharaoh game and turn-based strategy will allow you to rewrite the history of civilization in the Nile Valley from the Ancient Kingdom in 2300 BC until the New Kingdom in 1300 BC, playing the role of several Kings and Queens who take the throne as Cleopatra VII, Ramses II, Cheope or Tutankhamun.

Find the right strategy that will allow you to maintain power on the throne and keep your dynasty alive while you face the challenges that many pharaohs have failed to master: natural disasters, the construction of great pyramids, internal wars, battles against enemy civilizations, political conspiracies and unrest and alliances with the gods.

Grow your kingdom by ruling from your royal palace while, with the favour of the most powerful gods, you secure a thriving lineage by attending your harem. Develop new technologies to better manage the empire and improve the skills of your heirs to the throne through talents.

Build your empire and conquer other civilizations by following the tactics and strategies suggested by the Grand Vizier, the scribes and your generals. In this strategy game you can achieve military victory with your armies or cultural victory with your cities bases on the tactics you choose to apply.

Will you be able to fulfill the demands of your subjects, maintain the favour of the gods and subdue enemies with your war chariots? Become Pharaoh and find out today in this exciting historical RPG!


List of chapters into which this historical period is divided.

Chapter Title Description Year Start Year End Duration (years) Kingdom Indicators needed
1 Ascension to the throne You are expected to begin work on your royal palace. 2296 BC 2291 BC 5 Stone, The Serfs
2 Celebrations Your majestic royal palace is ready to be inaugurated. 2291 BC - - -
3 Weakening of central power The nomarchs attempt to fragment the kingdom and remove you from the throne 2255 BC 2235 BC 20 The Nobility, The People
4 Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt The nomarchs are plotting to remove you from the throne 2235 BC - - -
5 The Hyksos Invasion The war against the invaders has begun! 2206 BC 2105 BC 100 Copper, The Army
6 Prisoners of war The enemies have been put in chains. The kingdom is saved! 2105 BC - - -
7 Monumental works A period of peace begins in which the kingdom undertakes the construction of unforgettable monumental works. 2005 BC 1955 BC 150 Food, Science, Culture
8 Political stability A newfound political and cultural stability. 1955 BC - - -
9 The peoples of the sea The next step will be to address the social divide between patricians and plebeians. 1905 BC 1855 BC 50 Infrastructure, Trade, People
10 Retreat of the raiders The sea raiders have been defeated. 1855 BC - - -
11 Monotheistic Worship The clergy is frightened by your attempt to establish a monotheistic cult and is plotting against you. 1836 BC 1743 BC 93 The Army, Clergy
12 The End of Monotheism Polytheism has again been adopted throughout the kingdom. 1743 BC - - -
13 The Golden Age Your kingdom has entered a period of great investment, discovery and innovation. 1705 BC 1535 BC 170 Food, Gold, Science, Culture, Infrastructure, Trade
14 The Great Pyramid You are expected to celebrate the magnificence of your kingdom. 1535 BC - - -
15 The Great Enemy Alliance The enemy kingdoms have allied themselves and declared war on you. 1506 BC 1336 BC 200 Stone, Copper, The Army, The Vassals, Factions, Barbarians
16 Eternal Glory The war against the enemy kingdoms is won! Today you will be consecrated the greatest and most powerful pharaoh of the empire. 1336 BC - - -

Game Acts

List of game acts with duration and objectives.


Act I
Act 1 Aod Pharaoh.jpg

  • Start Year: 2295 BC
  • End year: 2150 BC
  • Duration: 145 years (580 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 1
Act II
Act 2 Aod Pharaoh.jpg

  • Start Year: 2145 BC
  • End year: 1945 BC
  • Duration: 200 years (8 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 2

Act 3 Aod Pharaoh.jpg

  • Start Year: 1940 BC
  • End year: 1740 BC
  • Duration: 200 years (800 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 3
Act IV
Act 4 Aod Pharaoh.jpg

  • Start Year: 1735 BC
  • End year: 1535 AD
  • Duration: 200 years (800 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 4
Act V
Act 5 Aod Pharaoh.jpg

  • Start Year: 1530 AD
  • End year: 1330 AD
  • Duration: 200 years (800 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 5

Act VI
Act 6 Aod Pharaoh.jpg

  • Start Year: 1325 AD
  • End year: 1300 AD
  • Duration: 25 years (100 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 0


List of factions you will face in this Age of Dynasties chapter.

A nome (/noʊm/, from Ancient Greek: νομός, nomós, "district") was a territorial division in ancient Egypt.

Name Political agenda Difficulty
Northern independent nome Well-balanced normal
Southern independent nome Expansionist high
Eastern Independent nome Isolationist low
Western independent nome Isolationist low
Upper Egypt nome Isolationist low
Lower Egypt nome Well-balanced low
Union of Libyan Tribes Expansionist high
Kingdom of Tjehenu Well-balanced low
Kingdom of Tjemehu Expansionist high
Kingdom of Meshawash Isolationist normal
Kingdom of Kush Expansionist high
Kingdom of Nubia Well-balanced normal
Hittite Empire Isolationist low
Philistine people Expansionist high
Alliance of Canaanite Princes Expansionist high
Union of Phoenician City States Isolationist low
Peoples of the Sea Well-balanced normal
Hyksos Expansionist high
Assyrian Empire Isolationist normal

City Buildings

List of buildings it is possible to build in city properties in this historical era.

Name Artwork Description
House Aod Pharaoh.jpg
A common type of house in which the majority of the city's urban population live.
The estate of the nobleman
The estate of the nobleman AoD Pharaoh.jpg
The estate of a noble included kitchens, cellars and stables. This noble's house had its own toilets, and walls to keep intruders out.
Mine Aod Pharaoh.jpg
Iron ore is extracted from the mine, which increase the availability of iron in your empire.
AoD Pharaoh Quarry.jpg
The quarry increases the availability of stone in your empire.
AoD Pharaoh Barracks.jpg
The barracks is the army training centre.
Public pool
AoD Pharaoh Public pool.jpg
The public pools were built as a public service for the subjects.
AoD Pharaoh well.jpg
Circular wells of various sizes are used to extract water from the subsoil.
AoD Pharaoh Bazaar.jpg
The bazaar was a traditional market. Each city had one or more markets where all types of goods could be exchanged.
Statue of Pharaoh
Statue of Pharaoh.jpg
The statue of Pharaoh was present in every corner of the capital and major cities. The statues enhanced the prestige and dignity of Pharaoh and his dynasty.
Temple School
Temple School.jpg
The scribe school was located near the king's palace or temples and students trained for a long period of over five years to obtain the coveted title of "scribe".
Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel.jpg
Huge rock temples carved into the side of a mountain, erected to intimidate enemies and to commemorate Pharaoh's victories.
Warehouse Aod Pharaoh.jpg
A large structure used to store resources.
Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple.jpg
The Luxor Temple is a large Egyptian temple complex.
Port Aod Pharaoh.jpg
The port is essential for opening up new trade routes and improving the economic performance of the city.
Palace of the Vizier
Palace of the Vizier.jpg
A prestigious building from which the Vizier administers the kingdom in place of the pharaoh.
Great Sphinx
Great Sphinx.jpg
The Great Sphinx is a stone sculpture depicting a prone sphinx (a mythological figure with the head of a human and the body of a lion).
Workshop Aod Pharaoh.jpg
A craft workshop to contribute to trade.
Great Pyramid
Great Pyramid.jpg
The Great Pyramid is the most majestic and prestigious Egyptian monument, as well as being the tomb of the Pharaoh.
Funerary Temple
Funerary temple.jpg
The funerary temple is dedicated to the solar divinity Amun-Ra and confers great prestige in the eyes of other kingdoms and subjects.

Military Units

List of military units that are available in this historical era.

Name Artwork Description
Warriors Aod Pharaoh.jpg
Warriors who usually make up the front line, trained in hand-to-hand combat. Armed with a wooden shield and sabre.
Veteran Warriors
Veteran Warriors Aod Pharaoh.jpg
Veteran warriors who form the second battle line of a military unit. Armed with metal shields, armguards and sabres.
Archers Aod Pharaoh.jpg
A ranged unit of archers capable of inflicting moderate damage from a distance. Armed with longbows, fast moving, unarmoured.
Veteran Archers
Veteran Archers.jpg
A ranged unit made up of skilled archers capable of inflicting heavy damage from medium range. Armoured.
Lancers Aod Pharaoh.jpg
A light infantry unit made up of militiamen trained to repel enemy attacks. Armed with wooden spear and shield.
Veteran lancers
Veteran lancers.jpg
Veteran light unit trained to intervene at the crucial points of the clash to prevent our army from faltering and being routed. Armed with a metal spear and shield.
War chariots with archers
War chariots with archers.jpg
Fast moving unit composed of archers on war chariots, deployed to harass the enemy with their arrows.
War chariots with veteran lancers
War chariots with veteran lancers.jpg
Fast moving unit composed of veteran lancers on war chariots, deployed to break through or surround enemy lines.