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"Age of Dynasties: Roman Empire" is the second chapter of this serie and take place during ancient roman empire.

Platforms & Download

The game is available for iOS (Apple Store), Android (Play Store, Huawei AppGallery) and Windows 10 (Microsoft Store).

You can download and play the game here:

Historical period and game goal

Roman empire map.jpg

The goal of the game is to make your dynasty survive throughout the roman empire starting from the year 557 BC until 496 AD.

To be able to make your dynasty survive it is necessary to make the right decisions by avoiding that one of the 16 indicators of the kingdom reaches a negative value. When this happens the ruler is deposed and, if you have enough dynastic points (100) the game can continue by electing a new ruler otherwise the game ends.


An epic turn-based conquest and strategy war game set during the years of the glorious Roman Empire.

Hail Caesar! Your legions await you to conquer the world and lead Rome and your dynasty to eternal glory.  A war is imminent.

Transform Rome from a small city-state in the heart of the Italian peninsula into the greatest civilization the world has ever seen. Lead your legions in epic battles against every kingdom and civilization that dares to wage war on the Roman Empire.

Upgrade the strongholds of your empire to defend yourself against the warriors of enemy civilizations who will besiege Rome in an attempt to bring down your kingdom.

Survive the challenges that, throughout history, have shaken the power of Rome by breaking up the empire: plots and betrayals, wars and barbarian invasions, riots, and coups d'état.

Caesar Augustus, rewrite the history of the Roman Empire and prevent its total fall.


  • strategy war game: apply the best strategies to manage your empire by retracing, at each game turn, the most significant historical battles in the history of Rome in this innovative rome war game.
  • dynasty and talented people: make your dynasty prosper under the command of your empire and prevent the establishment of the Roman Republic. Educate your heirs by strategically and tactically choosing talented people to train the future imperium to be a great conqueror and legendary emperor.
  • city management: expand your cities by building imperial forums, Roman amphitheaters, aqueducts, pantheons dedicated to Roman gods, imperial villas, and strongholds.
  • battle  simulator: take command of your armies in ancient Europe and lead them into epic battles. Lead them with military  strategy and tactics to subjugate enemy civilizations and conquer territory.
  • invest in technologies and new ideas to strengthen the army and accelerate your conquests.
  • game of conquest: lead the legions to take part in the Punic wars, the Spartacus revolt, the conquest of Gaul state, Sparta and the greek cities, the civil wars, and the total conquest of territory. Experience the rise and glory of Rome!
  • Officers and Career: Enlist trusted centurions and generals to devise the strategy and command of your legions. Surround yourself with capable senators and officers to tactically administer  the Roman states.
  • political alliances and intrigues: propose royal marriages, alliances or trade agreements to the civilizations that control the territories bordering your empire or declare war on them and send your legions to conquer their territories. Face the mighty empire of Carthage, the tribes of the Gauls, the timeless Egyptian empire, and many other civilizations that were around during the Roman period.
  • an innovative game of strategy and tactics in ancient Rome. Age of Dynasties blends four different game types perfectly: civilization wars and conquest games, turn-based strategy, management games, and RPGs.

Veni, vidi, vici: relive the deeds of Julius Caesar, lead Rome to victory, and conquer the world.


List of chapters into which this historical period is divided.

Chapter Title Description Year Start Year End Duration (years) Kingdom Indicators needed
1 Ascension to the throne You are expected to begin work on your imperial villa. 553 BC 548 BC 5 Stone, The Serfs
2 Celebrations Your majestic imperial villa is ready to be moved into. 548 BC - - -
3 Struggle for the Republic The people are clamouring for the establishment of a Republic. 509 BC 479 BC 30 The Nobility, The People
4 Conspiracy Your enemies plot to depose you from the throne 478 BC - - -
5 The conquest of the Mediterranean The war for the domination of the Mediterranean has begun! 455 BC 355 BC 100 Iron, The Army
6 Prisoners of Rome Rome's enemies have been killed or captured, the empire is expanding. 354 BC - - -
7 Rome, superpower of the Mediterranean The empire is faltering due to the lack of experience in managing such a large and culturally diverse territory. 324 BC 174 BC 150 Food, Science, Culture
8 Political stability A newfound political and cultural stability. 173 BC - - -
9 The civil war looms The next step will be to address the social divide between patricians and plebeians. 143 BC 93 BC 50 Infrastructure, Trade, People
10 Granting of Roman citizenship Internal order was restored and the civil war averted. 92 BC - - -
11 The Triumvirate and Civil War The triumvirate caused an escalation into a civil war for control of the empire. 75 BC 28 BC 47 The Army, Church
12 Hail Augustus The civil war is over. The era of imperial Rome begins, where your powers will be absolute. -27 BC - - -
13 Imperial Rome The empire has entered a period of investment, discovery, and innovation. 11 AD 181 AD 170 Food, Gold, Science, Culture, Infrastructure, Trade
14 The Colosseum You are expected to celebrate the magnificence of your empire. 182 AD - - -
15 Barbarian invasions The barbarian invasions are putting a strain on the legions. 200 AD 400 AD 200 Stone, Iron, The Army, The Vassals, Factions, Barbarians
16 Rome dominates the world Today, we celebrate the victory of Rome over the whole world. Your dynasty will be remembered forever. Which text do you want to engrave on the monuments that will forever link your family name to the glory of the Eternal City? 401 AD - - -

Game Acts

List of game acts with duration and objectives.


Act I
Aod roman empire act 1.jpg

  • Start Year: 552 BC
  • End year: 452 BC
  • Duration: 100 years (400 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 1
Act II
Roman empire act 2 map.jpg

  • Start Year: 447 BC
  • End year: 305 BC
  • Duration: 142 years (568 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 2

Roman empire act 3 map.jpg

  • Start Year: 300 BC
  • End year: 100 BC
  • Duration: 200 years (800 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 3
Act IV
Roman empire act 4 map.jpg

  • Start Year: 95 BC
  • End year: 160 AD
  • Duration: 255 years (1020 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 4
Act V
Roman empire act 5 map.jpg

  • Start Year: 165 AD
  • End year: 480 AD
  • Duration: 315 years (1260 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 5

Act VI
Roman empire act 6 map.jpg

  • Start Year: 485 AD
  • End year: 496 AD
  • Duration: 11 years (44 quarters)
  • Target cities to conquer: 0


List of factions you will face in this Age of Dynasties chapter.

Name Political agenda Difficulty Begin Act End Act
Etruscans Well-balanced normal 1 2
Carthaginians Expansionist high 1 3
Samnites Isolationist low 1 3
Venetians Isolationist low 1 2
Ligures Isolationist low 1 2
Sicels Well-balanced low 1 2
Gauls Expansionist high 1 6
Greeks Well-balanced low 2 6
Epirians Expansionist high 2 3
Illyrians Isolationist normal 2 3
Macedonians Expansionist high 2 3
Odrisi Well-balanced normal 3 4
Cyrenians Isolationist low 3 4
Pergamenians Expansionist high 3 4
Pontesi Expansionist high 3 5
Seleucids Isolationist low 3 4
Iberians Well-balanced normal 4 5
Germans Expansionist high 4 6
Armenians Isolationist normal 4 5
Egyptians Well-balanced normal 4 5
Nabataeans Well-balanced normal 4 5
Berbers Well-balanced high 4 6
Thracians Well-balanced high 4 6
Parthians Expansionist normal 4 6

City Buildings

List of buildings it is possible to build in city properties in this historical era.

Name Artwork Description
An apartment block in which the majority of the city's urban population live.
The domus is the home of the wealthy patrician families.
Iron ore is extracted from the mine, which increase the availability of iron in your empire.
The quarry increases the availability of stone in your empire.
The barracks is the army training centre.
A sculpture that celebrates the grandeur of Rome.
Thermal baths
Thermal baths.jpg
The Roman baths were public buildings equipped with systems that we would call health and hygiene systems today .
The aqueduct is a system of man-made canals used to transport water.
The Forum was the nucleus of Roman civilization; the centre of the political, juridical, economic, social and religious life of ancient Rome.
Agricultural land
Agricultural land.jpg
An area of land, open or fenced, used for the cultivation of food.
A farm dedicated to sheep breeding and wine production.
Great Library
Great Library.jpg
A place of research and discussion where scientists and thinkers meet to discover new technologies that would be useful to the empire.
Triumphal arch
Triumphal arch.jpg
A construction in the form of a monumental arch, usually built to celebrate a victory in war.
A large building in which supplies are stored.
A place of worship where the people pray to the deities.
The port is essential for opening up new trade routes and improving the economic performance of the city.
The Senate
The Senate.jpg
A building dedicated to politics and senators.
An elliptical building used to stage public performances
A craft workshop, contributing to trade.
An arena dedicated to horse racing

Military Units

List of military units that are available in this historical era.

Name Artwork Description
Hastati flag.jpg
Legionaries who usually form the front line in battle, are trained in hand-to-hand combat but have no experience of the principes or triarii. They wear helmets and armour, and carry swords and shields.
Principes flag.jpg
Veteran legionaries who form the second battle line of a military unit. They wear breastplates and carry shields and swords.
Auxiliary archers
Auxiliary flag.jpg
A ranged unit of archers capable of inflicting moderate damage from a distance. They are recruited in the Roman provinces. Armed with longbows, fast moving, wear no armour.
Sagittarii flag.jpg
A ranged unit made up of sagittari, skilled archers capable of inflicting a lot of damage from a medium range. They wear leather armour and helmets.
Auxiliary lancers
Auxiliary lancers flag.jpg
A light infantry unit made up of militiamen trained to repel enemy attacks. They are recruited in the Roman provinces. They wear helmets, leather armour, and carry spears.
Triarii flag 2.jpg
Veteran legionaries who usually make up the third line of a military unit. They remain on guard behind the second line manned by the principes. They are equipped with bronze helmets, spears, chest armour, leggings and swords.
Triarri flag.jpg
A light cavalry unit composed of skirmishers on horseback deployed to harass the enemy. They wear helmets, leather armour, and carry short bows and swords.
Equites flag.jpg
A formidable fast unit made up of veteran legionaries on horseback. They wear helmets and chain mail, and carry shields, spears, and swords.
Legionaries with ballistae
Legionaries with ballistae.jpg
An artillery unit composed of baliste operated by slaves and legionaries. Very effective against slow moving, heavy units.
Legionnaires with catapults
Legionnaires with catapults.jpg
An artillery unit composed of catapults operated by slaves and legionaries. Great for breaking down a city's defences or bombarding slow-moving troops.