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During every game turn in Age of Dynasties some events may happen. For each event, you will have a few choices that most of the times, will affect the kingdom's indicators. After you have made your choices the event will be completed and you will be able to return to your seasonal commitments. If there are no other events in the current game turn, you can move on to the next turn. Each game turn corresponds to a quarter.

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Resolve an event

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To resolve an event it is necessary to indicate how you want to face the event by expressing your preferences among the available choices. Some events are simple and can be solved with a single choice, others require a more elaborate plan and are structured on several phases.

If the event includes several choices, it will be possible to confirm your decisions in the last choice. Once confirmed, the event will be resolved and the success rate of the event will be checked.

Types of events

There are different types of events in the game:

  • Random events. Events that happen randomly and cannot be predicted. The main factor that determines these events besides being fate is also the ruler who sits on the throne. Some sovereigns will be less loved than others, others will be more inclined to parties and ceremonies, still others to battles.
  • Plot events. The game is divided into game acts and chapters. Each chapter contains events that will develop the plot and the challenges that await you
  • Management events. Some events will happen based on your will and the actions you plan in your cities, armies, etc.
  • Events of the opposing factions. As you play you will meet opposing factions that in turn will plan actions that will develop certain events.

Event categories

There are several categories of events mainly assigned to random events: serious disaster, ceremony, crime, diplomacy, economy, festivals, luck, justice, intrigues, investments, improvements, military, requests, rebellion, bad fortune.

The likelihood with which certain categories of events can happen is affected by the current situation of the kingdom's indicators, the traits of the ruler, and some talents.

Success rate

Each event has a success rate, if the choices made are successful both the benefits from the choices and the costs will be applied. If the event fails, only the costs will apply.

Some events have no benefits or costs but are only used to redirect the player to certain screens or to notify something.

How can I improve the chances of success of an event?

There are several possibilities with which you can increase the probability of success of events:

  • through the use of dynastic talents
  • through the use of family heirlooms and noble titles that you can assign to the sovereign in the royal palace. Increasing the skills of your sovereign you also increase the success rate of some event categories.

How can I get more benefits from events?

You can involve your relatives in the management of the kingdom by assigning them noble titles in the royal palace. If you try to keep them happy and fair you can get bonuses in some events.

Dangerous events

Some events can endanger the life of your ruler or some relatives. Ponder your choices carefully because if the event fails, your ruler or relatives involved in your decisions could die.


  • in events structured on several phases it is not always necessary to make choices to obtain 100% success, sometimes you can risk closing the event with a lower percentage and thus obtain greater benefits
  • always try to have at least two relatives with an assigned noble title and work on their loyalty and attitude. If you keep them loyal and friendly they can provide you with bonuses in structured events on multiple choices
  • always tries to have a noble title and an heirloom assigned to the sovereign. By improving his/her skills you will also improve the likelihood of success of random events