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Kingdom Indicators play a key role in gameplay mechanics. These indicators represent different aspects of the kingdom you are going to rule. It is of the utmost importance to monitor everything if you want to prevent the people from rising up and deposing you from the throne.

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Each Age of Dynasties game has 16 kingdom indicators on the top bar of the game. Each indicator represents how a certain aspect of the kingdom is managed. The higher the value, the better it is managed. Conversely, the lower the value, the more bad things are.

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Each indicator of the kingdom has a score ranging from 0 to 1000 and a quarterly modifier (game turn). Each indicator when it reaches too low or too high values ​​produces negative or positive effects on other indicators of the kingdom. You can see what these effects are by tapping on an indicator symbol.

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Game events choices

In the course of the game, there will be some events where you will need to make certain choices. Some choices will increase some indicators at the expense of others. To make it clear which indicators will benefit from the choice you make, up (▲) or down (▼) arrows are shown next to the name of each indicator involved in the choice.

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In the top bar only the indicators involved in the choices that you will be given during the course of the events will be displayed. For each indicator, the current value (shown in the progress bar) and the trend (positive '↗', negative '↘' or stable '≡') will always be visible.

Game effects

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Some choices will also generate effects that will last several game turns and will apply a modifier to an indicator (positive '↗', negative '↘' ). The same indicators when they reach a dangerous value (the bar turns red) rather than an optimal value (the bar turns green) can produce effects that will affect other indicators.

Once activated, each effect will remain active for a certain number of game turns (quarters). You can see for how many turns the effect will remain active by clicking on the icon that represents it.

The effects can happen for several reasons:

  • a kingdom indicator reaches an optimal level (the progress bar turns green, score more than 850)
  • a kingdom indicator reaches an insufficient level and nothing is done to remedy it (the progress bar turns red, score lower than 150)
  • a new sovereign is elected
  • a relative intervenes in the politics of the kingdom
  • an event occurs that has consequences on the long-term indicators of the kingdom (e.g. catastrophes, plot)

Game effects caused by indicatores score

The indicators when they reach an optimal or insufficient value cause effects on the other indicators of the kingdom that is why it is very important to monitor the progress of everything.

Optimal value

Any indicator that achieves a score of 850 or more is considered optimal and its progress bar turns green.

What happens if an indicator reaches an optimal value?

When an indicator reaches an optimal value and its progress bar turns green, an event occurs that informs you of the success of your management and you get a positive effect as a reward that affects other indicators of the kingdom. This effect can only happen if it hasn't happened in the previous 20 turns (see "Game effect recurrence").

Insufficient value

Any indicator that reaches a score of 150 or less is considered insufficient and its progress bar turns red.

What can I do if an indicator reaches an insufficient value?

When an indicator reaches an insufficient value and its progress bar turns red, an event occurs that informs you of the failure of your management.

You can approach the problem in several ways:

  • by hiring a specialist who will allow you to raise the realm indicator
  • using one of the contingency plans suggested by your advisors
  • ignore the problem

If you decide to ignore the problem or if your solution fails, a negative effect will be applied which will impact the other indicators in the kingdom.

Game effect recurrence

Once they have expired, the positive and negative effects will be repeated every 20 quarters if the indicator score is still at the level set for the allocation of rewards or penalties.

What happens if a kingdom indicator reaches a negative value?

When a kingdom indicator reaches a negative value your ruler is assassinated or deposed and, if you have at least 100 dynastic points available, you will be able to elect a new ruler and the kingdom indicator that has reached a negative score is then reset to a score to the value of 350. If you don't have enough dynastic points the game ends.


Some tips on how to best manage your kingdom indicators:

  • it is not always convenient to save a ruler who is seated on the throne by facing the problem of the kingdom indicator. Sometimes, if the sovereign has negative character traits it might be convenient to have him/her depose or assassinate and have another relative more suitable to be the king sit on the throne.
  • ideally it is always good to resolve the crisis of a kingdom indicator by hiring a specialist. The type of specialist to hire depends on the situation of the indicator and its quarterly trend. If the kingdom indicator is stable or has a positive trend, the safest and cheapest specialist may be sufficient to steadily increase a small amount of the indicator every turn. If, on the other hand, the kingdom indicator is at a loss with a negative trend, it is better to hire a specialist who guarantees a large bonus at the expense of another kingdom indicator.
  • while playing, natural disasters or particularly negative events may occur that will have a strong negative impact on the kingdom's indicators, you can reduce the duration of these negative effects through the use of talent Logistics
  • some honored guests that you can hire in your royal palace allow you to better deal with crises due to negative realm indicators