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Inside the royal palace, you can complete daily missions and collect valuable experience points that you can use to purchase heirlooms, noble titles and guests of honor that can improve your dynasty's chances of success.

Medieval royal palace.jpg

Royal Palace

Depending on its level, the royal palace allows you to have a certain number of slots in which to buy noble titles, family heirlooms and guests of honor.

There are 10 levels in total. You can increase the level of the royal palace by investing experience points.

Level Family heirlooms Noble titles Guests of honor
1 4 2 1
2 6 3 1
3 8 4 2
4 10 5 2
5 12 6 3
6 14 7 3
7 16 8 4
8 18 9 4
9 20 10 5
10 21 11 6

Daily missions


The missions in the royal palace can be repeated multiple times to earn free experience points (XP) that can be used to purchase heirlooms, noble titles or guests of honor.

Most missions can be repeated every day, others weekly or monthly.

Family heirlooms

Family heirlooms are exclusive artefacts crafted by the most talented artisans in your realm. They can be used to improve the abilities (power, defence, tactics, intrigue, diplomacy, management) of your family members and to protect them from adverse events that could result in their untimely demise. Every member of your family can possess an heirloom, and each heirloom is unique. The number of heirlooms available to you depends on the size of your royal palace. You need experience points to purchase heirlooms.

There are four types of family heirlooms: uncommon (green background), rare (blue background), epic (purple background), and legendary (red background).

Family hairloom 1.jpg
Family hairloom rare.jpg
Family hairloom 2.jpg
Family hairloom 3.jpg

The cost and duration of family heirlooms varies according to their type. The rarer the heirloom, the greater its durability, its cost and of course the benefits it offers to descendants who wear it.

When a wearing relative dies you can assign the family heirloom to another relative. Heirlooms can be reassigned at any time.


Over the years, the heirloom wears out. If the deterioration reaches a level of 100%, the heirloom becomes unusable until it is restored. You can restore the duration of an heirloom using experience points.

Noble titles

Noble titles allow you to improve the abilities of your heirs (power, defence, tactics, intrigue, diplomacy, management), release their full potential, and get them involved in the management of the realm. Pay close attention to the attitude of the family member towards the sovereign. If they have a friendly attitude, they will do their best to help the sovereign. On the contrary, if they are hostile, they will do their best to hinder the sovereign. Every family member can be granted one noble title. You need experience points to purchase a noble title.

Noble title 1.jpg
Noble title rare.jpg
Noble title epic.jpg
Noble title legendary.jpg


The title remains in effect as long as the family member is alive or until it is revoked.

Guests of honor

Guests of honour are illustrious characters who, when invited to your royal palace, help you overcome the game's challenges. Some of these characters help you to improve your relationship with the game's other factions, others will help to put in place prodigious strategies to solve any problems that plague the realm. The number of guests of honour you can invite to court depends on the size of your royal palace. You need experience points to invite a guest of honour to court.

Each chapter of Age of Dynasties features different guests of honor. Each guest serves to implement a certain game strategy. Carefully consider which guest of honor you want to invite to court at the most appropriate time.

Guest of honor 1.jpg
Guest of honor 2.jpg
Guest of honor 3.jpg
Guest of honor 4.jpg


The guests of honor have a duration of 20 years (80 game rounds). Once the shifts have expired, you can invite them back to court.


  • Daily Quests are a great way to redeem free experience points that you can use to purchase memorabilia, noble titles, and guests of honor. Complete each day to be able to quickly get the power-ups for your descendants.
  • honored guests are very powerful allies and allow you to implement your strategies effectively. For example, if you intend to conquer opposing cities by military force, you can take advantage of the honored guests that reduce the army upkeep costs and increase the chances of victory for your armies. If, on the other hand, you want to conquer enemy cities with cultural influence, consider inviting guests of honor to court who improve the effectiveness of your spies and cultural influence operations
  • Family heirlooms and noble titles are a very powerful tool for involving your descendants in the political management of the kingdom. Assign noble titles and heirlooms to those who are most loyal and friendly to you by doing so they will be more than willing to help you
  • If you have relatives who have become disloyal or hostile with a noble title, temporarily remove the noble title to reduce their power and the chances of causing serious damage to your kingdom