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When you elect a new ruler, the character gets traits that will characterize him/her. Each trait has positive or negative impacts on one or more kingdom indicators.

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List of traits available

There are tons of traits that can be assigned to your rulers sitting on the throne. Here is the list of the main ones.

  • the altruist
  • the ambitious
  • the bold
  • the miser
  • the beautiful
  • the handsome
  • the blessed
  • the ugly
  • the conqueror
  • the selfish one
  • the enigmatic
  • the heretic
  • the philosopher
  • the insane
  • the just
  • the great
  • the enlightened
  • the misunderstood one
  • the inept one
  • the ingenious
  • the greedy
  • the envious
  • the wrathful
  • the lunatic
  • the lustful
  • the magnificent
  • the clumsy one
  • the merciful
  • the good-for-nothing
  • the optimist
  • the prudent
  • the rebel
  • the romantic
  • the wise
  • the bloodthirsty one
  • the holy
  • the skeptic
  • the dreamer
  • the ruthless
  • the haughty
  • the superstitious one
  • the reserved one
  • the vulgar
  • the shy one
  • the tyrannical
  • the humble one
  • the coward
  • the lame

Positive and negative traits

Positive traits are represented by a smiling face and negative traits by an angry face.

The positive traits improve the quarterly trend of some indicators of the kingdom. The negative traits worsen the quarterly trend of some indicators of the kingdom.

How do I get my ruler to have positive traits?

You cannot be absolutely sure that your sovereign will have positive traits, but you can intervene in different ways to significantly increase the probability that your sovereign will have positive traits:

  • assigning points to the Governing talent (The probability that rules exhibit positive traits increases for each point)
  • educating your descendants to the throne. By accessing the family tree and improving your successor's education to the throne, you improve the likelihood that he will have positive traits
  • inviting great guests of honor to court who can enhance the personality of your descendants


  • Some family members will turn out to be totally unfit to rule and may sit on the throne by activating two or more negative traits. If this happens at a very delicate moment for the balance of your kingdom, consider removing them from the throne. You can do this by making your sovereign abdicate or by making life-threatening choices (in this case remember to remove any family heirlooms or noble titles that improve his/her skills)
  • If the ruler who takes the throne has positive traits, do everything possible to avoid putting his/her life at risk. Assigns to the sovereign a noble title and an heirloom to increase his/her skills.
  • If you intend to take your sovereign into battle often to increase the chances of victory for your armies, remember to improve his/her skill in defense by assigning a family heirloom and a noble title in the royal palace.