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Welcome to the Age of Dynasties Wiki


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Age of Dynasties is a series of historical strategy and role-playing games developed and published by RoboBot Studio in which you will have to reign over your kingdom with the help of your dynasty in a certain historical period.

There are currently two chapters available: "Medieval War" and "Roman Empire". New chapters are in the works including "Ancient Egypt" and "Shogun".

This Wiki is supported by RoboBot Studio and is maintained by the contributions of the fans. Thanks to all those who want to contribute to the maintenance and development of this Wiki.

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What's new on Age of Dynasties

04th March 2022

The official Discord server about Age of Dynasties is now available. You can join the server using this link:


02th March 2022

Expansion "The Royal Palace" now available for "Age of Dynasties: Roman Empire".

02th February 2022

Expansion "The Royal Palace" now available for "Age of Dynasties: Medieval War".

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